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Megan's Story

On September 16, Megan was admitted to the hospital in Auburn to have blood work done regarding what was initially thought to be low iron levels. The results of the test turned up to be far more critical than initially understood, and Megan required an emergency blood transfusion. Shortly thereafter, Megan was transported via ambulance to the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center in Birmingham, AL and diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML)
The treatment plan will begin with a 28-day stay at the UAB cancer center including chemotherapy along with the use of a clinical trial drug called SGN33A-002 (or vadastuximab talirine). The experimental drug is intended to attack the specific cancerous cells of the leukemia. Once the first 28 day cycle has been completed, the efficacy of the chemo and clinical trial drug will be assessed, and further treatment will be determined from there. Megan will be released from UAB and return to Auburn, pending adequate blood levels and immune function. From there, she will have a home-health nurse attending to her vital signs and have weekly blood-draws.
Because of the prevalence of cancer in the United States, many of us know someone who has been effected by this disease, if not had a personal experience with it. Therefore, most of us understand that no one is adequately equipped to handle the financial burden that comes along with medical procedures/treatment, emergency care and transportation, and a month-long (at minimum) stay at a 24-hour care cancer research hospital. We are asking for any monetary help that you may have to give for Megan’s campaign to battle AML. If you have ever benefited from her friendship, connections, or work ethic, please consider returning some of that favor to her now. 
If you want to send anything to Megan (cards/letters/pictures please- no live plants/flowers unfortunately- her immune system cannot handle the allergens that come along with them) you can reach her here:
HOSU 7354, Megan Young/Patient
619 South 19th St
Birmingham, AL 35249
Short bio on Megan:
Megan Young is a strength and conditioning coach at Auburn University and does all performance training for the Women’s Soccer team there. Megan is an active member of the Strength and Conditioning community, belonging to both NSCA as well as CSCCa. She has presented multiple times for both organizations on a variety of topics, is a reviewer for the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, and on the conference committee for NSCA.




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