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As many of you that have dealt with medical expenses can understand, there are numerous costs that are difficult to account for prior to receiving the bills. Megan pays a good sum in order to have great insurance coverage, so that is going to be a huge help. But we still want to get out in front of it, so that she isn't swimming in medical bills and can really focus on getting better. Here are some expenses we know she is going to incur: 
  • Hospital room fee (Megan must have a private room because of her risk for infection)
  • Ambulance ride from East Alabama to UAB
  • Cost of labs/tests/scans/drugs received
  • Travel and accommodation to and from UAB from Auburn once she is released (she is currently receiving in-patient services, which means she is under hospital care 24/7. Upon release, she will receive treatments that are likely going to be out-patient- so she will have to drive to Birmingham and stay overnight, but not in the hospital). 
As I mentioned previously, her insurance is very good and will cover "100% allowed amount" on much of her treatment and care. The allowed amount is determined by the the insurance company and she will be responsible for the difference.
*Our goal is based on research of expenses for her current stay and treatment. If Megan does end up needing a bone marrow transplant, then our goal will have to increase as surgical procedures are far more expensive than are IV drugs and in-room care. 

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